PAGE 23:

SAYFA 23, genç yaratıcılar Jeroen Houben, Tim Arts ve Stefan van den Boogaard’ın ilk kısa filmi. İlk filmleri olmalarına rağmen, 48 Saatlik Film Projeleri-Utrecht’de jüri ve izleyici ödüllerini kazanmış ve diğer kategorilerde aday gösterilmişler. Filmin hikayesi reklamlar. Huzuru, sakinliği ve mutluluğu gösteren reklamlara bir de Sayfa 23′te göz atalım.

PAGE 23 is the first shortfilm that the young creatives Jeroen Houben, Tim Arts and Stefan van den Boogaard made together. Their first effort immediately resulted in the juryprize and audience award at the 48 Hour Film Project in Utrecht (Netherlands), and nominations in other categories. Advertisements usually display unruffled domestic happiness. But, as we will see in Page 23, this world looks too good to be true. Behind the beaming smile of fashion models loom adultery and the stifling daily routine.


lubok verlag books:

Sometimes, when I find a new designer or design source, it feels like falling into a rabbit hole. First I’m digging for any information I can find, and the next thing I know, I’m tumbling deeper and deeper into Google searches and blog links that can bring me any tiny shred of information on the person or product at hand. I tumbled pretty hard this weekend after discovering the work of Lubok Verlag Publishing.

After hanging around the photoshoot for Amy’s Past & Present book last week, I got to peek deeper inside the Greenpoint, Brooklyn home of Sarah Bedford and Alan Hill. While everyone went bananas over the rest of the home, I found myself returning to a framed piece of art in Sarah’s son’s room. The black and white face above has haunted me for days now, and I wish I could track down another copy. Sadly, the picture above is actually a paper bag that was used at German publisher Lubok Verlag’s booth during an NYC book fair. Smitten with the image (and rightfully so), Sarah had the bag framed and displayed it in her home. I’ve always been drawn to art that strikes some people as creepy or scary (my Stephanie Howard pieces straddle that line pretty well), and this face is so striking that I can’t stop thinking about it. It lead me to research everything I could find on Lubok Verlag.

Though my bag search ended unsuccessfully, I found myself bookmarking about a dozen beautiful art books published by Lubok that I’ll be adding to my Christmas wish list. Founded in 2007, Lubok Verlag started as a series of printed linocut books organized by publisher Christoph Ruckhäberle. For each new edition, Christoph invites about 10 contemporary artists to create linocuts that are arranged and bound to create stunning books. The 10th edition was just released this year, and only 1500 copies were printed, so getting one of these books is a truly special purchase.

In addition to the collaborative editions, Lubok also produces monographs covering everything from photography and drawing to conceptual art. Unfortunately, I missed their booth at last year’s Art Book Fair, but I won’t make the same mistake when they (hopefully) return next year. Books like these don’t come around often, and after seeing a copy in person, I can attest to the fact that they’re well worth the cost and make for truly unique reading/browsing. You can check out the full shop at Lubok’s site right here, or keep an eye out for them at art book fairs. If anyone happens to have or stumbles upon one of those hand-drawn face bags above, please let me know. I’m dying to get my hands on one. Thanks again to Sarah Bedford for letting us into her home and introducing me to the world of Lubok Verlag. xo, grace


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